SchoolSmart offers schools an array of opportunities and the benefits are felt by school administrators, teachers, parents and students alike.

In tracking students

With accurate reports

of Teachers and Administrators

Friendly Interface

SchoolSmart Benefits

  • Extremely easy to use and customize highly responsive
  • Security and separation of concerns via flexible role and privilege-based system
  • Better students performance with quick reports and trend analysis for each student
  • Faster school growth and development with accurate reports
  • Increased teachers' efficiency as they focus on teaching and let SchoolSmart handle management and reporting

Why SchoolSmart?
The Problems we solve

SchoolSmart helps your school avoid issues similar to most others like:

Getting accurate metrics of students’ performance and trend analysis during and after term across subjects, teachers’ effectiveness and many other education metrics.

Recording of students’ tests and exams results is a critical part of a school record yet, frustrating for teachers and administrators.

Tracking students’ progress from the class group to individual students is a necessary but difficult task.

Administrators need comprehensive educational report to make more informed educational policies and access teaching effectiveness.

Many teachers are distracted from teaching and hunched under the burden of manually collating students result.

Support in real time to improve performance

SchoolSmart gives you a dedicated support line via email and phone call available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for on-time support. We improve school's efficiency by giving on-time support that ensures a smooth running process always.

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Multi platform solutions for you

SchoolSmart is available across platforms for effectiveness and convenience. You can access schoolsmart via desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones with great responsivess and ease of use, so you never miss a moment, even when enroute.

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