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Parent and Student

SchoolSmart integrates parents and students into the academic system, with parents being able to monitor their wards in real time.

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Analytics and Insights

SchoolSmart gives analytics on every part of the school. Academic reports, students trend analysis, financial reports and more..

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Invoicing and Accounts

School Invoicing and Billing are made easy with SchoolSmart. Alerts on overdue invoices and more

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All you need is SchoolSmart!

SchoolSmart is the one-stop solution for school management and advance ment at all levels.

SchoolSmart takes the stress of school management, leaving school managers and teachers do what they do best- educate children better- while growing the school.

Powerful system for you

From student registration, result generation, student trend management, finance and accounting, human resource and user management, and more...

Quick Reporting

SchoolSmart makes generating school term reports, academc reports and financial reports a breeze.

Easy to customize

SchoolSmart is incredibly easy to use. With very flexible handles that make you customise SchoolSmart to your own use.